Our Story

How it all started........

    In 1990 a knife maker friend of mine had the idea of making knives from the steel of Navy ships and just did not develop it. The idea without the steel from any ships would not work.  I found him some steel off the USS Nimitz and he made 1 knife and let the idea slip away and dissolve.                                                                                                                         

     It was in my mind that this idea would work under the right circumstances if you marketed it correctly. I worked on this for about a year and even after getting the anchor chain from the USS Lexington in 1991, I still did not figure out how to make it work out. I kept finding ships to get steel from, knowing this project was worth doing. The history of these war ships was so interesting to me and the idea of knives made from this steel was intriguing also. 

     The steel was not knife quality and I had to decide how to work with it to not only make a beautiful knife but a functional one as well. Talking with several Damascus makers in the early years gave me the idea to have the steel forged with quality steel making a good usable Damascus. Then in 2009 I made knives for my twentieth year as a knife maker out of steel from the USS Texas that was left over from making  a knife for the museum. I had the Damascus forged and made the knives with mesquite as the handle material. Texas steel and Texas wood sounded good to me. 

      I had collected steel now for the last 18 or so years and started working on the project that we are doing now. Not only make the knives to sell but use this to help the ships museums and the wounded warriors that have kept our country so free. Now it’s 2014 and the project is in full swing. The USS Texas is the first ship in a series of ships that we will make knives from their steel to help raise money for the maintenance of the ship and to support the educational programs of the museum as well. A local wounded warriors project will receive money from every knife we sell made of steel from these ships.  

     Over the next 5 years we will be doing a production of 3 knives a years from different ships or 15 total knives in the series. We are working with the museums that have these ships to do the best we can to promote their efforts in keeping these ships alive for the future generations to see and learn about.

                                                             MISSION STATEMENT         

      Our mission is to help further the historical education of our naval military accomplishments and might thru both World Wars and into today’s Navy. Our goal is to use the cutlery collector platform to help raise funds for Naval Museums and their local Wounded Warriors Projects. If you are interested in knives from any of our ships projects please contact us.

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